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Supporting Your Success In Reading
For years, versions of these bookmarks were only available to the students and private clients of the author. Teachers, therapists, parents, and students have wanted the privilege of them. NOW, Book-Bytes has made them available.

The Bookmarks were created to assist students in their reading of literature. The Bookmarks promote active reading by providing important information on background, themes, and characters to support and enhance the reader’s understanding of the literary work. The Bookmarks provide important information that enables the reader to interact with the material and make connections that increases comprehension. The Bookmarks also assist in sustaining greater retention by reminding the reader of previously mentioned ideas, characters, and events.

For the Student:
Have you ever?

- had the experience that while reading a book, you forget who the character mentioned is
The Bookmarks will eliminate this confusion by giving you detailed character descriptions at your fingertips
- spend hours trying to find quotes as concrete details for your literary essay since you did not know what themes to look for until you finished the book The Bookmarks provide you with the themes so you can make notes of appropriate details as you are reading
- lost points on daily reading quizzes since the review notes you read instead of the novel did not provide you with specific details The Bookmarks provide you with the information and tools to read and interact with the novel more confidently
- Remember: there is no substitute for reading the assigned book

For the Educator:

The Bookmarks may be incorporated into class or educational therapy lessons by having the students:
find concrete details to support stated characteristics
follow the main ideas throughout the book
Students should be encouraged to highlight key words or phrases that provide information about:
-physical and behavioral descriptions of characters
-important plot developments
-characters’ opinions and feelings
-thematic ideas
Students should be encouraged to make margin notes that:
-define circled vocabulary words
-explain meaning of symbols
-provide a passage/page summary
-identify literary devices
-identify themes
Students should be encouraged to underline:
-examples of literary devices
-important quotes
-repetitive images or ideas

For the Parent:
The Bookmarks assist your child in becoming an effective active reader. The Bookmarks support and encourage good reading habits that allow for greater comprehension and success. In addition, the tools provided allow for an effective transition into successful essay writing.